Why You Want an All-Natural Healing Cream for Dry Skin that Does it all

Caring for damaged, extremely dry, or irritated skin can be challenging. Finding a healing cream with the right ingredients that will nourish, moisturize, and naturally promote healing is even more challenging. Luckily, Egyptian Magic is an all-in-one moisturizing lotion, and has received many testimonials from customers that have experienced improvements with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, and minor scrapes and cuts.

Many have seen an improvement when applying on minor cuts, scrapes, and light burns to aid in the healing process.

[Please remember that Egyptian Magic and the claims made about it by our customers on this site have not been evaluated by the US FDA and the product is not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.]

By using all natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your skin won’t react to chemicals often found in lotions and creams used for healing. However please be mindful of the natural ingredients in the formula and make sure that you are not allergic by trying Egyptian Magic on a small patch of your skin.

The natural ingredients found in Egyptian Magic have moisturizing, anti-bacterial and healing properties that can help repair dry and damaged skin.

  • Olive oil may already have a place in your kitchen, but it should also have a place in your skincare routine. It’s rich in vitamins, has antioxidant properties, helps fight bacteria, and moisturizes skin.
  • Beeswax is known for its conditioning properties and serves as a protective barrier that can help protect the sin. Beeswax also has a natural fragrance to help make a product smell good, without any unnecessary chemical fragrances. It can also be used to help soothe itching and can be tolerated by those with reactive skin.
  • Honey also has skin repairing benefits, as well as anti-aging and anti-acne properties. Honey can help soothe skin due to its anti-inflammatory factors, and it is part of many moisturizing lotions because it helps moisturize the skin by absorbing water from the environment.
  • Bee pollen has been used to treat acne, heal wounds, and get glowing skin. Bee pollen contains carotenoids, which can help promote cell regeneration to help improve the complexion and tone of skin.
  • Royal jelly contains B vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals to help with natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties and to help with anti-aging. Royal jelly has been used to help heal acne, scars, and wounds.
  • Propolis is rich in flavonoids, and contains anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.

If you are looking for a natural, moisturizing and cruelty-free healing cream for dry skin, look no further than Egyptian Magic.