What You Didn’t Know About Blackheads

 If you’re constantly finding yourself fighting unsightly blackheads, it may be that you’ve fallen prey to many of the myths surrounding them. Blackheads are often poorly understood — and some methods of getting rid of them can make them worse.

Blackheads Are Caused By Over Productive Pores

What causes blackheads? It’s often because your own pores are secreting too much oil. Cleaning your face with harsh chemicals can lead to an over production of oil. The more you clean to get rid of blackheads, the more you cause them. To prevent this, you’ll need to invest in a moisturizer for dry skin.

Sun Damage Can Cause Blackheads

Anything that can block your pores can potentially cause blackheads. Without a before or after sun moisturizer, the sun can dry out and burn your exterior layers of skin. Dried skin will block your pores and contribute to oil, thereby causing blackheads.

Exfoliating Often Doesn’t Help

Depending on your exfoliation cream, exfoliation can actually cause more damage than it’s worth. A harsh exfoliating cream will damage your skin, making it more likely that your skin will experience blocked pores. Even a light exfoliation can dry out your skin, again promoting oil accumulation.

Using natural skin care products, including moisturizers and natural cleansers, can help with avoiding blackheads to form. Egyptian Magic is an all-in-one moisturizing cream that has many client testimonials, using as a holistic acne treatment, natural face moisturizer, and natural eczema cream. Find out more by checking out the Egyptian Magic store.

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