Avoid These Things if You Want Glowing Skin

Does your skin look dull and rough? It could be any number of things causing your skin to crack and break. If you want glowing skin, you’ll need to isolate some habitual and environmental factors.


When you’re dehydrated, it’s visible. Your skin has to remain moisturized for it to look its best. When your skin is dehydrated, dead skin cells will stick to your newer skin cells, making your skin look dull. Drink water and moisturize to reduce this effect.

Direct Sun

Direct sun prematurely ages your skin. Not only will your skin look dull, but you’ll also develop additional wrinkles, freckles, and moles. Use sunscreen protection, hats, and after sun moisturizers to protect yourself.


Many people don’t realize that caffeine can dehydrate you. If you drink a lot of caffeine, you need to drink a lot of water to compensate. Otherwise you’ll experience the same issues as regular dehydration.

Dry Air

During the winter months, many people have the heater running 24/7. This dries out your air. Add a humidifier to your home to prevent your skin from drying out — and consider the application of a moisturizer for dry skin.


There’s nothing more likely to cause you to break out or develop wrinkles than stress. Reducing your overall stress can make you look healthier and younger, in addition to potentially lengthening your life.

It isn’t always possible to avoid everything above. But you can protect yourself with a natural skin care regimen. The Egyptian Magic moisturizing cream is a natural face moisturizer and receives many clients testimonials, who use as a holistic acne treatment, and after sun moisturizer all in one. If you’re looking for natural skin care products, try out Egyptian Magic.

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