Interesting Uses of Beeswax You’ll Love


Beeswax has always been valuable.

It has been mainly used for making candles. But did you know that beeswax has other interesting uses? We have listed here five beeswax uses  for smoother and more beautiful skin.

Makeup Ingredient

You might be surprised to know that beeswax is used as an ingredient for makeup. It is an ideal ingredient because it helps anchor the makeup to the skin. It also eliminates the need to use synthetic ingredients that prevent the skin from breathing.

Natural Mascara

Beeswax can also be used for making a natural mascara. The great thing about mascara made from this material is that it is water-resistant while staying all-natural.

Locks in Skin Moisture

Because beeswax is water-resistant, it works the other way around too. That means if it can keep the water away from the skin, it can also be used for locking in moisture. That will help in keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized, which in turn will help you to keep looking young. Products like Egyptian Magic that contain Beeswax are great to keep in your skin care arsenal. It’s a natural moisturizer and after sun moisturizer at the same time.

Treatment for Skin Infections

Some people are more prone to skin infections. If you are one of those who have sensitive skin and suffer from skin infections quite often, you should know that beeswax can help you. You can mix beeswax with honey and olive oil to make a powerful treatment solution.

Protection from Pollution

You can also use beeswax to protect your skin from damages caused by pollution. You can apply products that contain beeswax to your skin so you can get this benefit.

These are just five uses of beeswax that might surprise you. As you can see, it is a highly useful material that can also keep you looking young and fresh.

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