Tips for Skincare During and After Pregnancy

Many women have a cabinet filled with specialty skincare products – an after sun moisturizer, exfoliating creams, moisturizers, and an array of acne treatment creams for the occasional flare-up. It takes years to develop a skin care routine that perfectly complements a woman’s lifestyle and skin type; however, pregnancy often changes everything.

Hormone changes during pregnancy disrupt the body’s natural balance, which means skin is more prone to acne, and more sensitive to sun, wind and chemicals. Many women also worry about preventing post-pregnancy stretch marks. However, pregnancy skincare routines don’t have to be complicated – here are a few tips to create a no-hassles skincare regimen during and after pregnancy.

For Acne

  1. Use a high-quality, all-natural moisturizer on the face and body every morning, preferably immediately after cleaning your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent excess oils from clogging pores.
  2. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and encourage healthy skin tone.
  3. Exfoliate once a week using all an natural product. Sugar or baking soda can be added to a face lotion or cream you like to give you a gentle, all-natural exfoliant.

For Stretch Marks

  1. Keep stretch mark prone areas, such as the stomach, thighs and upper arms supple by massaging each area with a thick, hydrating organic cream, such as Egyptian Magic, every day.
  2. Start a moisturizing skin routine as soon as you learn you are pregnant, and continue your routine for at least two to three months after delivery.

Protecting the skin’s delicate balance doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Egyptian Magic is an all-purpose, all-natural cream that can be used on face, body, and even hair. Invest in a product that will nourish your skin through all stages of pregnancy.

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