The Best 3 Step Evening Skincare Routine

How can you get bright, glowing skin? It all has to do with your skincare routine. A regular, daily skincare routine will improve your skin’s health and vitality, making you look healthier and younger right away.

1. Cleanse

Makeup, oils, and dirt all build up on your skin throughout the day, blocking your pores and causing acne. As your skin sheds cells, your skin can begin to look rough and dry: cleansing will remove the old skin, revealing the new skin underneath. Avoid cleansers that have harsh components such as “scrubs,” as they can create micro-abrasions in your skin and may damage your healthy new skin. Instead, look for a light, low ingredient cleansing solution specifically designed for your face.

2. Tone

Toners are used to balance your skin, removing any residue left by the cleanser as well as skin oils. AHA/BHA toners are frequently recommended for those who need to treat skin issues, large pores, and blocked pores. After washing, apply a toner to your skin using a cotton pad or a cotton ball, and allow to dry.

3. Moisturize

Once you’ve finished cleaning and toning, you’ll have to restore moisture to your skin. This is where a premium moisturizer like Egyptian Magic becomes important. Egyptian Magic moisturizes and heals dry skin and prevents oily skin from generating more oil. A favorite use – apply Egyptian Magic on face, lips and around eyes before going to sleep… and wake up with a glowing, hydrated and radiant face!

Within minutes, you can be well on your way to beautiful, healthy, vibrant skin. For more information about the best skincare, visit Egyptian Magic.

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