Signs Your Skin Care Routine Needs an Upgrade

Is your skin care routine ready for an upgrade? Sometimes, hormonal, environmental, or seasonal changes can affect what our skin needs to stay healthy. It’s important to use the right balance of products for your particular skin. Whether your go-to products never quite worked or you’re noticing new side effects, a switch-up might be exactly what your skin needs to look and feel as healthy as possible. So, how do you know if it’s time to make an upgrade?

Here are a few common signs that you should change your skin care routine:

Your Current Products Just Aren’t Working

It may take some time for your skin to adjust and show the effects of a new cream, face wash, or toner. However, it may never happen. If you’ve been using the same products for weeks or months and you don’t notice any improvement – or worse, you notice new problems – then your search isn’t over.

Your Skin is Extra Oily or Extra Dry

The right skin care products for your skin will not dry it out or cause it to produce extra oil. If you notice dry patches or flaky skin, you may be using products that dry out your skin or trigger allergic reactions. If you notice extra oil production and breakouts, the same is true: you might be using products that strip away too many natural oils.

Your Skin is More Sensitive to Light

Don’t trade breakouts for sun damage. If your skin care regimen is so harsh that your skin is suddenly vulnerable to sunlight, it may be causing chemical changes that weaken and expose your skin. Strong acne-fighting chemicals may not be right for you; you may want to try gentler, more natural methods of maintaining the right moisture levels.

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural, multi-purpose moisturizer that helps your skin stay hydrated without chemical additives. Consider replacing some of your current products with this time-tested skin fix.

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