Say Goodbye to Split Ends with These Tips

Tired of frizzy, fuzzy split ends? Split ends can damage the health of your hair long-term, preventing you from growing your hair out and styling it the way you want it. If you want lush, healthy hair, you need to address the problem at the source. Here are a few tips.

1. Watch How You Sleep

Sleeping is undoubtedly one of the roughest things we do to our hair. Our hair strands rub against our pillowcase, get tangled and matted, and get robbed of natural moisture. Purchase satin or silk sheets to avoid abrasion, and get into the habit of sleeping with your hair up: a simple braid will prevent most of the tangles.

2. Moisturize

Washing and drying your hair every day strips your hair of its natural oils, which must then be replenished. Try to avoid washing your hair every day. In addition, get into the habit of doing a moisturizing treatment once a week, and purchase shampoo and conditioner (preferably all natural!) that makes moisture a priority.

3. Get It Cut

Getting your hair trimmed more frequently will actually help it grow longer; your stylist will be able to cut off just the split ends, so they don’t progress further up your hair and damage it. Just tell your stylist that you want to keep the length, but not the splits!

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