The Best All-Natural After Sun Moisturizer For Your Skin

Too Much Time in the Sun? Try Egyptian Magic

After spending too much time in the sun, having the right after sun moisturizer is crucial, especially if you didn’t apply enough sun protection and you wake up red and sunburned. Healing needs to start as soon as possible, and Egyptian Magic can be your go-to after sun moisturizer.

The right after sun moisturizer should contain hydrating, anti-bacterial ingredients to boost the moisture levels of the skin without risk of infection. Don’t wait to apply an after sun moisturizer – make sure to rub some Egyptian Magic into the skin right after sun exposure on a clean skin before you start itching and peeling.

While after sun care is important, especially when sunburned, it’s smart to apply sunscreen with SPF every day you are outside and apply a moisturizing lotion before going to bed. Even if you aren’t red and showing signs of sunburn, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any damage to your skin. Sunburn can take two to six hours to show, which is why many people don’t get out of the sun until it’s too late. Sunburn can also worsen over the first 24 hours.

An All-Natural After Sun Moisturizer

If you are spending time in sunny climates or near water, an after sun moisturizer like Egyptian Magic is even more important. Not only is the sun bad for your skin, but also the salt water, chlorine, sand, and wind can deplete your skin’s natural moisture levels.

With too much time out in the sun, skin can become inflamed and even more sensitive. Using all-natural ingredients, like those found in Egyptian Magic, will soothe your skin and aid in the healing process. Don’t settle for cheap drug store lotions – when your skin is peeling from sunburn, you need a cream that can penetrate to the deepest layers of skin. Using Egyptian Magic as an after sun moisturizer is just one dozens of skin benefits this multi-purpose cream possesses.

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