Picture-Ready Tips for Glowing Skin

Whether it’s Christmas card pictures, family portraits, birthday parties or NYE party pictures, there are always occasions where you can expect your picture to be taken. Wanting to look your best for pictures is natural, and we have a few tips for you that will give you a radiant look for that next snapshot.

1. Hydrate Your Skin

This is the first step to any good skin care or makeup routine. Well-hydrated skin doesn’t show fine lines and wrinkles as much as dry skin does, so slap on a face mask and break out your cucumber water, because you’ll want to keep your skin and body hydrated, starting at least a few hours before picture time. Seal in that moisture with an all-natural balm, such as Egyptian Magic, to keep your skin silky smooth all day and night long.

2. Keep it Simple

When you’re expecting your picture to be taken, it’s best not to try any bold makeup looks you’ve never done before. Bold eyeshadow and lips don’t always look as great in pictures as they do in person. However, light contour and highlighting can make your pictures look great, but don’t overdo it!

3. Avoid the Oil

While playing with highlight and shine in certain areas can be fun, you typically don’t want your whole face to look shiny or oily. Use skin blotting papers, which you can find at any drugstore, to soak up skin oil on your forehead and chin. You can also use matte foundation to keep skin looking smooth.

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