The Fashion Press Raves About Egyptian Magic

The People’s Choice

Egyptian Magic probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world. From Japan to Australia to Europe and the US, top celebrities in the film and fashion industries agree that Egyptian Magic is a “must-have” beauty and skin care product. They use it on face, skin, hair, cuts, burns, bruises, rashes – everywhere!


If We Were Trapped On A Desert Island And Could Only Choose One Beauty Product, This Is What We’d Pick

Emily Ruane (@omg___itsemily), Fashion Market Writer "In the past, I've used Aquaphor, Bio-Oil, and even drugstore Vaseline, but I switched to Egyptian Magic because it's made with olive oil and royal jelly, and I wanted something without petroleum or mineral oil. It's a solid substance, but as soon as it hits your skin it will blend right in. Add a little water and you're in business. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way."

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Guess What Beauty Product Kate Hudson Swears By

Guess what gem Kate Hudson 😍😍 dropped when asked her to spill the beau-tea on Watch What Happens Live...that she swears by all-purpose balm Egyptian Magic! ✨✨

kate hudson egyptian magic

Kate Hudson on Watch What Happens Live

Hottie Ashley Benson from TVs Pretty Little Liars always travels with Egyptian Magic!

"Egyptian Magic Skin Cream is really great and I always bring that on the plane with me. I look insane with it on while I'm flying, but when I get off my skin is super moisturized."

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Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Val Garland Used Egyptian Magic For the Glossy Skin Look at London Fashion Week

"uber fabulous makeup artist Val Garland went all out backstage at Anya Hindmarch, ‘I’ve thrown everything at this look - lip gloss, Egyptian Magic and 8 Hour Cream to give the girls the super slick, glossy skin’"

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InStyle UK

Egyptian Magic Featured on the Today Show and Loved by Celebrities

Today Show, Kate Hudson, Eve Mendes, Madonna, Michelle Phan

Egyptian Magic is featured in Curzlmatic’s list of 10 FAVES!!! (Hair & Face Products)

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Vlogger Victoria Vann Kuja Explains Why She Keeps Egyptian Magic in Her Medicine Cabinet

victoria vann kuja, egyptian magic review

Victoria Van Kuja

Rooney Mara uses cult cream Egyptian Magic!

Marie Claire Magazine : What's the best recommendations a beauty professional has given you? Rooney Mara : I've been recommended two cult creams: Egyptian Magic and the 8-hour cream from Elizabeth Arden. It's probably the best recommendation you should remember.

Marie Claire France

Inside Cameron Diaz’ Beach Bag!

“All of your summer activities will be helped by this brilliant concoction. (...) We put it on bug bites to immediately stop itching, on sunburns to soothe, on your lips to protect and moisturize.”

The Body Book

Eva Mendes always carries a container of Egyptian Magic in her purse

“What beauty products do you always carry in your purse? - Circa’s Ultrasuede Cream Blush in Portofino, a container of Egyptian Magic (…).”

La Times

Egyptian Magic is one of January Jones’ favorite products!

“What are some favorites? - Egyptian Magic - it’s like a drugstore grease pot, but we were in New Mexico, and I was really dry.”


“This Egyptian Magic cream is just the bomb”

"I'm not one to usually post on beauty but this Egyptian Magic cream is just the bomb. So for those doubting the hype, sometimes you just gotta try these things out for yourself."

Izzy Ashton

For actress Michelle Monaghan, “it’s literally magic to me”.

"For my body, my lips, and pretty much everything else, I use Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. I put it in a cool, little compact, and then I just take it with me. It’s great because there’s nothing damaging in it, and it's nice on the eyelids, too. It’s literally magic to me."

Into the Gloss

Michelle Phan loves Egyptian Magic: “A beauty staple for many, this hydrating cream can cure the driest of skin woes”

“A beauty staple for many, this hydrating cream can cure the driest of skin woes. If you need an affordable salve that banishes cuticle concerns, parched skin and tired feet, this is your stuff. They never need to fret with the bad packaging when they know they have a best seller on their hands.”

Michelle Phan

Egyptian Magic used for Rihanna’s makeup look!

Makeup artist Ozzy Salvatierra spills all the beauty tricks he used for RiRi's Quentin Tarantino-inspired music video "Bitch Better Have My Money". His tip for creating a wearable shiny eye, which Rihanna has rocked in editorials before, is Egyptian Magic. “It’s kind of like an all-natural Vaseline — it shines like Vaseline, but it’s not sticky.”

Hollywood Reporter

“I think I got through at least fourteen jars of magic. Still my fav one though.”

Joseph Slaich, Beauty Editor

The one beauty product Dree Hemingway can’t live without

“I can't live without Egyptian Magic. I literally just slather it on my face — it's genius. I've actually been using it to repair my chapped hands after my bleaching incident."


In Lauren Conrad’s beauty routine for dry skin

“I have dry skin and I always apply Egyptian Magic before bed.”

Lauren Conrad

Sasha Alexander doesn’t travel without Egyptian Magic

"What won’t you travel without? - (my bag) is filled with some Egyptian Magic in a little bottle that I can use on my lips, or areas that feel dry.”

The New Potato

Hailey Clauson’s beauty secret!

“Skincare secret: My favorite product ever is Egyptian Magic (the name convinced me to buy it) you can put it on your hair, body and face.”


The result I am seeing is amazing. The redness and swelling is gone and my skin is regenerating.

I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing cream. I have been suffering from inflammation from skin under my right eye for over two years now. This inflammation, redness, and swelling made my skin very sensitive to the sun and it was difficult for me to enjoy the wonderful weather of San Diego. I started applying Egyptian Magic cream just about three days ago and the result I am seeing is amazing. The redness and swelling is gone and my skin is regenerating. This indeed is a miracle, now I can see myself enjoying this summer without the pain and redness.


Model Erin Heatherton’s favorite skin care

"For skincare, I use Egyptian Magic"


Kate Hudson’s go-to skincare

"My go-to skincare - I use it for everything"


8 Beauty Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By

"This hydrating moisturizer is a favorite of Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, according to Cosmopolitan. She uses it for everything from moisturizing her hands and feet, to moisturizing chapped lips, soothing sunburns, and giving hair ends a little hydration. She uses it on her clients, too, for adding a glowy sheen to their skin. It's packed with olive oil and beeswax for maximum moisture and healing wherever you apply it."


“Egyptian Magic is that miracle cream you search for all your life and once you find it there’s no turning back”

"Egyptian Magic is that miracle cream you search for all your life and once you find it there's no turning back. I try a lot of products from lotions and creams to skin treatments and more (it's one of the great perks of the biz). However, so many “it” creams can be torture for the skin. When I tried Egyptian Magic, my skin was moisturized, glowing and blemish free. And, the best part, I can use it for multiple uses for my skin and it saves me time, money and space (when I travel)!"

Melissa Maynard Editor-In-Chief of Factio Magazine

“Here’s this one little product that everyone wants and it’s totally being carried by word of mouth”

“Egyptian Magic has become a glossy magazine darling, combining a rare mix of dark-horse cool and celebrity cachet.”


“Think Magic, Egyptian Magic. Because it’s endorsed by not one, not two, but three fabulous women”

"Jessica Stam told us the salve is “great if [she] has a skin irritation.” Jessica Noghes-Menio said it's the perfect thing for her dry skin (she uses it on her face), and Caroline Trentini raved: “It has the right name because it is truly magic. It cures everything from sunburn to chapped lips, anything. When you have really beautiful skin, that’s all that matters.” Sounds about right. (The olive oil/beeswax/bee pollen/bee propolis/royal jelly mixture is also said to work wonders on dandruff, scars, stretch marks, and athlete's foot. Of course, none of this is scientifically proven.)"

Into The Gloss

17 Eco-Friendly Beauty Buys That Really Work

"This is a great extra moisturizer that I use every night. I rub it into my cuticles, use it as a lip balm, dab it around my eyes if they are feeling especially dry, and, if I have the sniffles, it prevents Rudolph nose."


“It has helped me keep my psoriasis under control”

“It has helped me keep my psoriasis under control when everything else I tried failed. Thank you for keeping our skin feeling great. I am a true believer in your product and a faithful user.”

Ali Kenner Brodsy

“This cream is called Magic and it is.”

"From my heart I thank Lord Pharaoh for his truly magical Egyptian Magic. I am extremely choosy about what creams I use to nurture my skin 1) It must be the best quality and natural ingredients 2) It must have great energy as everything we take into our body especially through the skin enters our consciousness as well. This cream is called Magic and it is. I literally feel light coming from it and it creates so much softness in my skin it literally felt like an overnight miracle. When I first used it, my elbows were as soft as when I was a teenager. I recommend this cream to everyone who not only wishes to have beautiful skin on the outside but also from the inside where it counts."

Michele Blood - Metaphysical Best Selling author Musivation

Egyptian Magic: A makeup artist’s runway beauty secret

"You can put it on your dry legs, on your elbows, on your cheeks, or if you have a burn it's even good for that! I love it, it's my new hot product" says make-up artist Val Garland


Beauty pros swear by Egyptian Magic

“The product I am most thankful for is Egyptian Magic. It truly is one of the most fantastic products in the world! I use it for pretty much everything - from moisturizing my hands and feet to hydrating the ends of my hair to healing chapped lips and sunburn. I use it on my clients too because it gives the skin the most beautiful sheen - and I feel totally safe using it on my son at home because it's completely natural, not to mention made here in the US!”


Beauty secrets from a cool dad: Egyptian Magic is “a lip balm, lip gloss, lotion, salve, shaving cream, and hair mask, among other things.”

"My dad also loves another and very similar product, aptly named Egyptian Magic. It smells like warm, mystical bee’s wax and just as with Papaw, you can use it for anything. It’s a lip balm, lip gloss, lotion, salve, shaving cream, and hair mask, among other things. My dad keeps a large tub of each of these ointments on his nightstand, and I advise you to do the same."

Man Repeller

How to cover your pimple like a pro with Egyptian Magic

"If your pimple is dry and flaky: Add some moisture to the area first. Celebrity makeup artist, Andre Sarmiento, likes Egyptian Magic Skin Cream, a balm that allows concealer to glide smoothly on top. Let absorb for a few minutes and then blot away any excess balm."

In Style

Cara Delevingne always with Egyptian Magic in her bag!

“I always have my adapter because I’m constantly moving around, and then there’s eyebrow gel, Egyptian Magic cream, eucalyptus oil”

Teen Vogue

Michelle Phan picks Egyptian Magic as one of the best skincare products of 2015

Michelle Phan loves Egyptian Magic video

Michelle Phan

In Vogue Magazine’s 10 best face creams to save dry winter skin

"Dealing with cracked skin, dry patches, or chapping? We suggest reaching for tried-and-true cult favorites: Egyptian Magic’s simple medley of bee by-products and olive oil is always reliable"


Winner of the Earth Day Beauty Award 2016 in the Skin Cream Category

"Why we love: You name a malady, this ‘magic’ heals it. Psoriasis, scars, hair conditioner. lip balm, after shave, makeup remover, lubricant, it does it all! We call it our ‘remedy in a jar’."

Healing Lifestyles and Spas, April 2016

After daily applications the scabs are gone

"Our dog Moses has what is known as collie nose (basically skin cancer). I have tried many products and none worked. So I thought what have I got to loose? His nose had an area of very deep and painful scabs about half the size of a deck of cards. It has been several months now and after daily applications the scabs are gone and there is now clear pink skin. Our vet says to use sunscreen and keep it up. You now know how much I think of my dog. I will keep using it on Moses and hopefully one day on myself. Moses and I thank you."


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